Ross Levinsohn Supports Sports Illustrated Through Growth

Ross LevinsohnMaven is a recognized and respected digital media company that offers extensive services to more than 300 industry clients. Its many services cover everything from infrastructure and back room support to monetization strategy development and more. Among its many served brands are Maxim, Ski Magazine, Sports Illustrated and The Street. While CEO Ross Levinsohn has a solid hand in Maven’s daily efforts to support these and other brands, he has also been instrumental in some brands’ stunning development.

For example, at Sports Illustrated, Ross Levinsohn made a major play over the last few years to propel the brand toward increased profits. The 70-year-old brand had recently been burdened by pressure from online media outlets. The brand had traditionally raised most of its revenue from print subscriptions and print ads. However, print readership was declining, and the brand needed to boost revenue while also futureproofing its income. With more than 35 years of professional experience in the digital media world, Levinsohn was not a stranger to this common print media problem. He employed his vast experience to refine Sports Illustrated’s monetization strategy. Specifically, he implemented a digital paywall for the publisher’s premium online content.

This is only one of many examples of Levinsohn’s ingenuity at work. The Street is another Maven client that needed a new monetization strategy, but its challenge was unique. The brand had historically covered Wall Street, but it needed to expand to cover the cryptocurrency market. In response, Ross Levinsohn oversaw the brand’s expansion with the debut of a crypto newsletter and a new online channel.

Prior to joining Maven several years ago, Levinsohn has progressively moved the industry forward. This includes his work at several notable media companies like Fox Interactive, CBS Sportsline, Guggenheim Digital and others.