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 SeaWorld and Disney Partner Up For Environmental Conservation Causes

Saving Florida’s coral reef system is no small undertaking, yet two powerhouse names have decided to invest their time and energy into trying to bring about more environmental awareness and conservation to the Sunshine state. The Florida Reef System is the largest coral reef ecosystem in the entire continental United States, as this 358 miles of waterway is vital to the well-being of thousands of marine life species. Also, the biodiversity of these coral reefs is integral in offering the scientific and medical communities more discoveries for potential cures of several bacterial infections, viruses, and oftentimes cancer.

The coral reefs are where scientists go to first when seeking answers to medical questions and research issues. Sadly though, most of the Florida coral reefs are dying and time is of the essence. That is why SeaWorld and Disney, two of the more prominent organizations involved in environmental conservation, have decided to jump on board and work with a group of Florida non-profits in an attempt to save these precious reefs.

The collaborative efforts of SeaWorld and Disney come at a time when most environmental groups are spearheading their own campaigns to assist in restoring and rejuvenating the coral reefs, the most biodiverse and valuable ecosystems on the planet. The reefs aren’t simply valuable to thousands of living organisms, they are crucial to the livelihoods of the surrounding community businesses and economies that are located near these treasured ecosystems. Essentially, coral reefs protect the shorelines against almost 100% of the energy created by the ocean, storms and floods.

By having SeaWorld and Disney be part of this massive and fundamental mission to help rescue the Florida coral reefs, it paves the way for more resources and expertise from zoos and aquariums to take part in the conservation efforts. Scientists will continue to delve into the depths of the Florida coral reef crisis, and with the involvement and veteran leadership of Disney and SeaWorld, the health of the ocean is front and center.

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