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The Journey of Zilch as a fast-growing company with Philip Belamant as the CEO

Online payments in the e-commerce industry have been revolutionized by the Buy Now Pay Later. Disruptors are skyrocketing in the customer’s popularity by providing flexible payment terms and APR fees of 0% over several installments, making the payment giants of credit cards feel the pinch. All these changes can quickly occur at the sale point in just a few clicks.

A company heavily reaping from the benefits of the revolution is Zilch, founded by Philip Belamant. It is an innovative startup that has gone from establishing to double unicorn in a little over a year. Zilch allows its clients to pay 25% of the product buying price and then stretches the cost of the item across six installments with no interest.

The company also manages a soft credit check that verifies the details of its customers and reviews if they are creditworthy; however, the process does not affect the credit scores and cannot be seen on a credit record.

Philip Belamant, Zilch CEO, describes the journey of becoming the fastest ever-growing company in Europe as a remarkable process to witness personally. The company launched its first funding round before the COVID pandemic, which resulted in having a popular VC renegue on a term sheet that left them to continue financing the business themselves.

The initial hope came when the UK government gave a considerable amount to help the UK startups through the Future Fund. However, disappointment trickled in when they realized they did not qualify as they had raised some equity on convertible notes.

Philip Belamant says that what made his company stand out from the crowd to the investors is having a product that solves a problem that already exists in the world. His primary mission with the startup was to offer people the most empowering and universal way to pay for anything at any location. Go Here for related Information.