Uncovering Josh Garza's Bonham-Style Drums

Drummers come in all shapes and sizes.

They each have unique style and sound, but something special about Josh Garza’s drums sets him apart.

His Bonham-style drums are unmistakable, providing a unique sound that has made him a sought-after musician in the drumming community.

Let’s explore how Josh achieves his signature sound.

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Josh’s Technique & Style

Josh has an incredibly unique style of playing drums.

His beats incorporate a jazz-influenced technique and a bluesy, groovy feel.

This style gives his music an undeniable and distinct groove that stands out among other drummers in his genre.

Additionally, he often pairs this technique with a vintage kit complete with Ludwig Vistalite drums, which adds resonance and warmth to his overall sound.

The Bonham Factor

Though Josh’s style is all his own, it is clear that he draws heavily from the influence of Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham.

His use of triplets, ghost notes, and even fills are reminiscent of the iconic drummer’s work from the 70s classic rock era.

It’s no wonder why fans across multiple generations have noticed; Josh’s drumming pays homage to one of the greatest drummers in history while bringing something fresh to the table.

Uniqueness & Versatility

His technique and versatility set Josh apart from other drummers—he can play just about any genre you throw at him!

Whether rock, pop, funk, or metal—Josh can do it all! His ability to switch between genres effortlessly makes him one of the most sought-after session players in today’s music industry.

In addition to being a great session player, he also runs seminars teaching aspiring drummers techniques on how to achieve their distinct sounds and tips on how they can make it as professional musicians in today’s competitive music business landscape.

Born to be a star

When it comes to drumming styles today, few stand out like Josh Garza does with his distinct Bonham-influenced style.

His combination of jazz technique and vintage kits creates an unforgettable groove that transcends genres and generations.

Whether you’re looking for top-notch session work or want to learn more about becoming a professional musician, Josh Garza should be your go-to guy!

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