What is Caribou?

Caribou Caribou is one of the United Kingdom’s fastest-growing domestic and international consolidators. Caribou is a company that can give the customers the right services to get the job done. They are very fast, efficient, and cost-effective. Caribou is always aiming to evolve and find more efficient ways to get the job done at the company. The company will always be there for its customers and is always innovating to get its customers satisfied.

Who Drives the innovation?

There are three things that the company values. The People, Customers, and its Company Value.

In terms of the people, people such as the van drivers and staff that are working in their warehouses are some of the people that drive the company to where it is today in the UK. The managers are also the people that the company would be nothing without. So at Caribou, the company wants to make the place welcoming and comfortable for those who work there.


The customers that choose the company, are the centerpiece for why the company exists. Without the customers, then there would be no purpose at all to work. Everything that the company does for the customers that choose it is meant to make customer lives easier. Whether it is a small detail by listening or to innovate, the company always thinks about its customers’ satisfaction.


A company that does not have its own values should not exist. That’s not Caribou. The company is always thinking of ways to be truthful, honest, and fair. They are also thinking about the values that it takes to be a company that is innovative as well. Whether that is being costly, corporate, or complacent, they are always putting the three core values first.

What are the services that the company offers?

As shown on their company website, the company offers different services. Some of the services include the following:


– Domestic Parcel Network

– Freight Forwarding

– Air Freight

– Sea Freight

– Road Freight

– Storage and Warehousing

These are some of the following ways that the company can help customers.