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Why Stephen Bittel Is Encouraging Investors To Have A Different Investment Mindset

Having a different mindset in business compared to everyone else in the market can help a business owner make significant progress in the business world while others are making very little progress in the same market.

Everything that most of the business owners have been doing in their business activities involves doing similar operations in the business world while at the same time expecting that they are going to be much better than other business owners.

In the real estate business, most investors have been looking for some of the ways through which they can invest in residential properties. The number of people who have been looking for homes has significantly increased. That is why almost every other investor thinks this is the best investment area that such individuals should consider for investment purposes. However, Stephen Bittel has always been highly interested in looking for a different investment strategy.

Bittel has remained at the forefront as the South Florida real estate has developed. Stephen Bittel is a Miami native and has taken part in as Board of Directors in the Chapman Partnership which is a Miami-Dade Expressway Authority. He served as a guarantor for the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce.

Instead of taking his money to the residential industry where every other individual has been investing their resources, Stephen Bittel decided to make sure that he is investing in the commercial properties. This was an investment approach that a huge number of investors were not considering, and it is worth highlighting that most of them had a feeling that it would be very difficult for them to achieve their objectives.

However, Stephen has been able to build his career in real estate by always looking for a different investment strategy from what others in the same industry have been considering. This is an area that has not been having extreme industrial competition, especially when compared to the investments that have been taking place in the residential market.

This explains why he has always been able to achieve consistent success in the business environment while other investors have not been recording any income. See this page for more information.


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