Why Wes Edens is Planning to Start a Major League Soccer Team in Las Vegas

Starting a football franchise seems to be the current dream that Wes Edens is harboring. As an institute sports investor, it is essential to indicate that Wes will likely pull everything possible to ensure that he has achieved his dream. He is already known around the investment world as someone very committed when it comes to making his investments work. Therefore, there is no doubt that he will also make sure that the current objective works.


According to Wes Edens, Major League Soccer has considerably grown over the last ten years. It is now one of the most important sports in the country. Therefore, investing in such an area will not be a waste of resources as millions of people are interested in this sport. That is why there have been a significant number of soccer teams that are starting in every part of the country.


The Aston Villa Football Club owner knows that the majority of the soccer teams occupy various cities. Wes Edens has already chosen Las Vegas as one of the top destinations where he would ensure that his football team is operating. Although there are other teams in the city, it is worth indicating that there is no Major League Soccer in the city, which means there is an opportunity to come up with a leading soccer organization that will represent the city.


Obviously, as an investor, Wes Edens has not chosen Las Vegas in vain. He must have analyzed the market and realized that there are some major investment opportunities, especially for a soccer team in the region. In his view, thousands of people in Las Vegas would be highly interested in watching local soccer matches. That is why Wes Edens is highly dedicated to investing in this industry before other investors can exploit the opportunity.